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Original papers are invited in theory, measurement, analysis, modeling and practice for the following topics. Practical papers detailing the design, construction and performance of case studies on coastal projects are encouraged.
Coastal Processes
Wave theories and wave transformation, tides and tidal dynamics, storm surges and extreme events, transport processes, sediment transport, coastal erosion, shoreline changes and scouring. 
Coastal, Shore and Estuarine Structures
Planning, design, construction, performance, optimization and maintenance, wave-structure-soil interactions.
Ports, Harbours and Waterways
Planning, design and construction of ports, deepwater terminals and waterway siltation, management and optimization of dredging, ship impacts.
Coastal Environment
Coastal pollution, recreation, water quality, wetlands and estuaries, environmental impacts and compensation, climate change, coastal eco-hydraulics.
Coastal Risk
Tsunami, coastal risk sources, coastal breaching, flood risk management and strategies, assessment of coastal risks.
Coastal Development
Coastal zone management, marine renewable energy, navigation and transportation, monitoring, data management, coastal information systems, sustainability of coastal projects, coastal protection concepts.
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